Blog #21

by Campus Camera on June 10, 2014

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Blog #21

After a short break, the Blog returns with a few new products and general observations.  Thanks for taking the time to read the Blog!  Let’s get this show on the road…

Phottix Flash Package

I came across a package that I thought was one hell of a deal for our customers.  Working with my salesman, Jim, we now have a Phottix Mitros+ Flash Kit for Nikon and Canon with a ton of accessories.  Here’s what we have in our package…

Mitros+ Flash (with built in Transceiver) – Odin Transmitter (for the Camera) – Light Stand – Portable Softbox (slips over the flash) – 36 Inch Shoot Thru Umbrella – Umbrella Holder – Sand Bag – Gear Bag

All of that for $499!  That is less than the price of a Nikon SB-910 or a Canon 600EX-RT…

Nest Home Thermostat

No, we aren’t selling the Nest Home Thermostat.  But, with Father’s Day coming this weekend, if you aren’t buying him a camera from us, look into a Nest.  I have one in my house and I have to tell you, it is awesome!  You can control the A/C and Heat from your smartphone.  The damn thing will learn your schedule of when you are home and when you aren’t and can know when to heat or cool your house accordingly.  Go ahead and google it and read up on it if you have never heard of it.  It’s a little pricey for a thermostat but I think it’s definitely worth it…


Alright, here’s the deal with 35mm film.  It’s dead.  Actually it’s been dead for quite a while, it’s just that no one has thrown dirt on the grave.  We occasionally get customers still looking for 35mm film and we just don’t carry a lot of it anymore.  It’s hard for us to get and, quite frankly, it’s terribly expensive in 2014.  It’s a hard pill for some to swallow but digital is king and has been for a long time.  And if you still think that “film is better that digital”, you haven’t shot a good digital camera in about 6 years…

WONE 97.5 Commercial

I put together a commercial that is currently running on 97.5 WONE in regards to the Nikon D3300 and Father’s Day.  I’m always curious if people hear our commercials that I run on there fairly regularly.  If you hear it, let me know…

BlackRapid Straps

I’m getting more and more response to the BlackRapid Straps that we sell.  Almost everyone who buys it loves it.  I can only think of one customer who purchased it who didn’t like it.  He was worried that the screw would come loose.  So, I now sell the Tether Kit that connects the camera to the strap, sort of like a backup in case the screw did come out.  BlackRapid is a great product and one that I’m glad we carry…

Canon PowerShot D30

We recently got in the newest underwater digital camera from Canon, the PowerShot D30.  This camera goes up to 82 feet underwater!  Of course, if I go more than 15 or 20 feet under, I’m probably not coming back up.  Anyway, this little camera has some heft to it, it really feels solid.  They’ve come a long way since the D10 and the D30 would be a great camera for anyone headed to the beach, hanging out by the pool or doing some white water rafting…

Song Recommendation

This is probably the part of the Blog that I get the most feedback.  It’s cool that I get people telling me that they actually look up the songs I throw out there!  This weeks song is “Slave to the Rhythm” by Michael Jackson.  This is the song that was “performed” by the MJ Hologram on the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks back.  Cool song and mind-blowing visual watching the performance.  (Here’s the link to the Hologram Performance:

It’s been real,




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