Campus Camera and Imaging Rentals

Our Rental Department is Up and Rolling!

Some of the benefits of Renting equipment are fairly obvious.  Customers can try certain lenses and cameras BEFORE you buy them.  Also, you can shoot with lenses and cameras that you may not be in a position to own because of the costs.  Being able to Rent a lens for a wedding shoot or a weekend event instead of having to purchase that lens for the one shoot is a tremendous benefit to our customers!

The following links are PDFs of the paperwork that is involved with Rentals.  Read through our Rental Program FAQ, check out our Rental Agreement (the actual Agreement that you will sign when you Rent) and also look through the Pre- and Post-Rental Inspection Forms that we will go over with you at the time of Rental.

As always, if there are any questions, please feel free to contact Dan or Dano regarding the Rentals or Rental Process.


Rental Pricing 18

Rental Program FAQ

Rental Agreement

Pre-Rental Lens Inspection

Pre-Rental Camera Inspection

Post Rental Lens Inspection

Post-Rental Camera Inspection