Campus Camera Seminar Series

Winter 2020  campus camera photography classes

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Here at Campus Camera & Imaging, we are proud to offer Photography Seminars here in our store.  Normally running on Tuesday evenings, we have personal camera help under the tutelage of an Educational Specialist.  We break down our Seminars so that you can participate in 1, 2 or all of the offerings we have.

Our “Bootcamp” series is aimed at people wanting to learn photography from it’s most basic forms.  Though a dSLR is recommended, the concepts taught are used in all photography.  These classes are designed to teach our customers to not shoot in the “Green” or “Auto” mode.

We also offer more “Advanced” classes after the Bootcamps are over.  These are designed to teach more specific photo skills like Lighting, Macro, Product Imaging, etc.  They are great tools for the amateur all the way to the professional!

Take a look at the individual pages and find a class or two that will work out for you!


Our classes range in price from $30-$40 and we have discounts for signing up for multiple classes.  Please click the above link for a PDF of the Current Schedule!