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Imaging Lab - Campus Camera & Imaging located in Kent, OhioProfessional Imaging Lab

Our Lab’s email address is

Here at Campus Camera & Imaging, we know that quality is absolutely first. Whether it is buying camera equipment or producing a portfolio of professional prints, we sell only the best.

Our Professional Imaging Lab is no different.  We use the absolute best imaging machines from Noritsu and Epson to print your precious pictures.

Another great part of our lab is our lab technician, Sue. She looks at every print that goes through her machine and color-corrects, checks saturation, contrast and sharpness. This isn’t a type of lab where someone pushes a button and walks away, leaving the prints to be butchered by un-calibrated machines. Every print deserves the right attention to detail. This attention to detail is what separates Campus Camera & Imaging’s Professional Imaging Lab apart from any other lab!


We are now offering the Dropbox Service in our Lab!  It’s an Easy and Simple way to get your photos to our Lab for the best quality prints around.  Go to and Sign Up and start uploading to our lab using our email address,, today!